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I’ve been serving Goddess Ishtar for quite a long period of time now, and among the (many) amazing things I appreciate about her is the constantly growing power that She shows. This online femdom Dominatrix survive on her webcam will provide you quickly the wildest humiliation on webcams you have ever experienced until now and I assure she will make you plead Her to stop. I ended up being dependent on this Dominatrix cam right away and I swear there are just a few live Domina web cams that can truthfully make me mind blown like her.

It’s clear and evident by looking at the stories she publishes from time to time, explaining sessions with her devoted slaves, or how she takes control of a brand-new slave as quickly as he joins her for a very first session. In these stories you see with your eyes what she’s capable of, her words become like magnets, drawing in a growing number of slaves to Her.

But another thing that keeps surprising me, it’s the impact she has on me. I suggest ok, I’m submissive so we all know what it indicates when you find yourself in front of such a Goddess but … why do I constantly stop breathing when I see her? Looking for a blackmail Domme web cam? Then you can trust me this is the wildest and terrible blackmail Domina cam you have ever seen in action! She will have no grace using everything she can to use and abuse you!

There hasn’t been a single session with her that didn’t offer me troubles in breathing. As quickly as she opens her webcam and looks into the video camera, I get so caught up, so thrilled, so overwhelmed that yes, for some long seconds I merely stop breathing.

The extreme look in her eyes is something that every slave ought to experience at least once in his life: you will not know what it indicates to be unable to move till you have Goddess Ishtar eyes looking right at you, with that fantastic expression on her face that clarifies who is in charge, who has the power to choose what’s going to take place in the next minutes/hours.

Some slaves I talked to clearly told me their life changed entirely because they satisfied her: she took control of their life, she began pressing their limits harder and harder, making them unable to desire anything else but to serve Her, she offered a brand-new meaning to their life. She made them happy.

And well … when it concerns pushing limits … I understand effectively what she’s capable of: my very first real-time experience was with Her, and I still remember it VERY clearly in my mind. An unforgettable experience, something I will constantly treasure in my soul.

Every slave that serves her when understands her power, understands how dangerous she is, comprehends how manipulative and effective she is … and yet … we all get hooked. Not able to stop serving her. Constantly wishing to see and serve Her more and more.

Due to the fact that Goddess Ishtar’s power is Never-ending.